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Accept Visa and MasterCard payments (American Express coming soon).

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You can also receive money to a prepaid Visa card, if you prefer.

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£16 / month

  • 36 month minimum term contract
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Pricing notes
  1. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.
  2. All scheduled payouts are subject to a minimum balance of £25.
  3. Processing rate applies to Visa & MasterCard payments only. Some exceptions apply to certain types of cards, please see terms and conditions for details.
  4. A postage charge may be payable for delivery of your terminal.
  5. "Get Paid Daily" and "Get Paid Weekly" plans incur an annual SIM airtime charge of £25 after first 12 months.
  6. All plans are billed on a monthly basis.

Dave K.

Hackney carriage driver

“I like it, and more importantly my customers like it! They know that their personal details are secure, and I know that the payment is guaranteed to be paid to me every week.”

Mohammed K

Hackney carriage driver

“I wish I'd got the service earlier. It's fantastic. Now I don't have to refuse any jobs. I have only had it a week and I am already making more money. Fantastic!”

Gurmail S.

Hackney carriage driver

“As soon as I got it I took a £30 credit card job! The machine is easy to use, and it's especially useful when I'm working at the airport.”

John M.

Private hire driver

“It is easy to use and gives the fast service that my business customers are looking for.”

Accept Visa & Mastercard

Chip & PIN and contactless (includes Apple / Android Pay). American Express coming soon.

Exceptionally low rates

We've worked hard to ensure our customers get the best possible deal.

Reliable payouts

Automated, scheduled payouts to your bank account or prepaid card.

Friendly support

Our support team is just a phone call away, and always keen to help.

Great GPRS connection

Network roaming SIM for optimal coverage througout the UK.


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