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Frequently Asked Questions

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What cards can I accept?

You can accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are accepted. This includes credit and debit, consumer and commercial cards.

Can I take payments online too?

When using our Chip & PIN terminal device, you may only accept payment from a cardholder in a face-to-face manner, i.e. with the customer physically present. We can also enable you to take payments securely online using our Virtual Terminal. Please contact us for further information.

Why can't I charge a surcharge?

In July 2017 the UK government announced new rules, as part of the implementation of the revised EU Payment Services Directive (PSDII), prohibiting the use of surcharges when taking card payments. You can read more here.

What currencies do you support?

At present we only offer card processing facilities in British Pounds (GBP). However, support for other currencies may be possible in certain cases. If you would like to accept payments in another currency, please contact us.

Can I accept contactless payments?

Yes, our new terminals support contactless payments (including Apple Pay and Android Pay), as well as Chip & PIN and magstripe payments.

Do I need a merchant account?

No. By using our services you can avoid the hassle and cost of opening a merchant account with a bank.

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